Almond Tree Working Practices

Using current guidelines from the government and industry professional bodies, I have introduced the following changes to my working practices.

1) I will take and record my temperature each morning and be vigilant for any signs of Covid-19 symptoms in myself or anyone I have close contact with. If I have any cause for concern, I will cancel any appointments immediately.

2) The treatment room, couch, hard surfaces, door handles and bathroom will be cleaned and disinfected using the appropriate products, before and after each client.

3) I will wash and sanitise my hands before, during and after a treatment.

4) I will be wearing a mask during the treatment, and I may also wear gloves.

5) I will regularly review and update these procedures in line with current governmental and industry guidelines.

Preparing for your appointment

Current guidelines from the government and industry professional bodies have recommended implementing the following steps.

On the day of your appointment:

1) Please check your temperature – if it is higher than usual, or if you have any other symptoms of Covid-19, then please postpone your treatment until you are feeling well and your temperature is within your normal range.

2) Keep clothing simple, leaving extra items eg. jewellery, watches, bags etc. at home if possible.

3) Please wear a mask to your appointment if you wish. If you do not have one, I can provide one at the cost of 50p (please add this to the cost of your treatment).

4) If you would like a drink before or after your treatment, please bring a bottle of water or drink with you.

5) I will provide a pen for you to sign your treatment record and this will either be disposable or cleaned between each client. If you prefer to use your own pen, then please bring this with you.

6) Please arrive for your treatment at the correct time, or just a few minutes before and please do not bring anyone else with you as there are no waiting room facilities.

7) Please pay for your treatment via the website before you arrive, or if you do not have access to this facility, please put the correct amount of money (I will not be able to provide any change) in an envelope and bring it with you.

8) I will meet you at the front door, opening the door and then stepping back to maintain social distancing. All doors will be open to allow you to walk all the way through to the treatment room without touching any surfaces. I will close the doors behind us. On entering the treatment room, please use the hand sanitiser provided, and then make yourself comfortable on the chair by the door.

9) In the days following your treatment, if you develop any Covid-19 symptoms, please get in touch with the clinic as soon as possible.