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Facial Massage in Coventry at Almond Tree Holistic Therapies Clinic by a Qualified Massage Therapist.

Combining Japanese and Indian facial massage with lymphatic drainage, acupressure and reflexology, this massage improves the complexion, assisting with toxin removal and increasing the flow of oxygen, blood and nutrients to the skin.

Facial muscles can tighten and constrict over time, restricting mobility and causing a drawn appearance. This massage helps restore flexibility and movement and can help to reduce expression lines and wrinkles, toning and tightening the skin and underlying muscles.

In addition to these visible benefits, Natural Lift Facial Massage may also improve sleep, encourage a more relaxed feel and reduce headaches and stress related symptoms. We begin your initial treatment with a brief consultation to discuss your medical history and to explore your treatment expectations.

You may then make yourself comfortable on the couch. For this treatment, only the head and shoulders need to be exposed and it is a good idea to remove any make up, necklaces and facial jewellery prior to the massage (contact lens wearers may wish to remove their lenses during treatment).Natural Lift Facial Massage in Coventry at Almond Tree Holistic Therapies Clinic

Relaxing music and candles add to the tranquil atmosphere, and you may find yourself drifting off to sleep as the 40 minute treatment progresses.

Following the massage, you are encouraged to relax and rest for a few minutes, before being offered a refreshing drink.

Although benefits of this treatment may be seen after one appointment, effects are cumulative, working best over a course of treatments.

Natural Lift Facial Massage Options
for a 40 minute massage.

As appointments tend to get booked up quickly, before purchasing a treatment you may wish to check availability.

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Please note there are medical conditions where a massage is not recommended, these include infectious skin disorders, acute infectious diseases, a thrombosis/embolism (clots), recent surgery/scar tissue or a high fever. In other instances it may be necessary to check with your GP before booking a treatment, for example if you have diabetes, cancer, very high/low blood pressure, any kind of heart condition, osteoporosis or epilepsy. If you have any questions regarding this information, please email me or phone to discuss your concerns.